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Net radio for the streaming n00b

Intempo's new GX01 is for DAB newbies.

Crave UK

Intempo's new GX01 is an attractive and affordable little networked music streamer and Internet radio device. At 129 pounds (about $271) it's a few tenners shy of the excellent Squeezebox's price tag, so it has potential to snag the interest of media-streaming newbies. The crucial thing, therefore, is ease of use--if the GX01 is even remotely difficult to use, n00bs, no matter how l33t, may pay dearly for paying less dearly.

The system's pretty pleasing to the eye and looks like something DAB specialists Pure Digital would produce--the pine finish and and single speaker makes the GX01 a kitchen-friendly creation. There's a USB socket on the front for jacking in a USB stick full of MP3 or WMA files. For some infuriating reason, the clickable volume/navigation control doesn't let you select menu items. This is counter-intuitive and tremendously annoying.

Setup's easy enough with Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and fairly self-explanatory. Net radio stations are sorted by genre or country of broadcast, making discovery of hilarious Kazakh radio stations a breeze. The three-line backlit display is easy to read but of quite a low quality--we'd prefer a higher-resolution screen with less ghosting of scrolling text. Still, for such an affordable little setup it's extremely pleasant, and sound quality's not too bad either.

Setting up a PC for media sharing requires you to use Windows Media Player, though a quick Google search will uncover some free alternatives. We especially liked the fact that the GX01 will stream OGG-format files.

Overall this is an affordable and attractive way to get Internet radio without a PC.

(Source: Crave UK)