Net game lampoons Mark Foley scandal

A Flash game based on the Mark Foley sex scandal

If you're one of the political junkies who couldn't get enough of the recent Mark Foley scandal--in which the congressman was found to have been sending sexually explicit messages to underage pages--there's a new game for you.

GSN--the Game Show Network--has just released "Foley's Follies," a Web-based Flash game reminiscent of "Pac-Man," only a lot more salacious.

Mark Foley game

The conceit goes like this: You play the now-former Congressman and are tasked with guiding him though a maze, trying valiantly to run away from a collection of pages. But when Foley runs across a "message bubble," the tables are turned: Foley begins chasing the pages. Think of the "Pac-Man" action when the iconic yellow pie-chart figurine gobbles one of the energy pills and then gets to chase, instead of be chased by, the ghosts.

But, wait! There's more. Ensuring that this is entirely topical, GSN has designed its game so that when Foley is chasing pages, actual quotes from some of the solicitous messages Foley is said to have sent to various pages over the years appear on the bottom of the screen.

And if that's not worth the price of admission--which is free, by the way--I don't know what is.

(Photo: GSN)