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Net competition heavy with mergers, rate hikes

Microsoft plans to increase its monthly fee for its ISP service, while MindSpring and EarthLink team up to take on players like AOL.


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The Internet service provider market is heating up. In an unexpected move, Microsoft hikes its monthly fees for MSN. Looking for safety in numbers, MindSpring and EarthLink merge to create the second-largest ISP in the nation.

"Price is not really the issue here. The real question is how you differentiate an ISP."

- Barry Parr, analyst with IDC


Microsoft to raise MSN's monthly fee
update In an unexpected move, Microsoft says it will raise rates for its MSN Internet Access service by $2 per month.

Net leaders merge to fend off competition
EarthLink and MindSpring merge amid an increasingly cutthroat market for Internet service providers, where it seems there is safety and survival in numbers.

ISPs MindSpring, EarthLink to merge
Internet service providers EarthLink and MindSpring agree to merge, creating a new company that will have a market capitalization of more than $3 billion.

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