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Nessie video: Now we have a positive ID

We nail down the kind of camera used to video the famed Loch Ness Monster.

Experts may take years to examine and analyze the latest purported video of the Loch Ness Monster, henceforth known as "Nessie." But our crack analytic team, to wit CNET editor Lori Grunin, has identified the camcorder used to take that footage.

Lori took a look at the Scottish TV video of the cameraman and his sighting. After examining the video of the camcorder, she tells us it's an antique Sony DCR-TRV130E (an old Digital 8 model). At any rate, the camcorder is far more modern than the legends of Nessie, which go back more than 2,500 years. Now that's some analysis you won't see from the Nessie experts.

1934 hoax pic

Here you can read a Scottish Web site's detailed report on the "sighting." I found the video of Nessie easily enough, but a couple of purported research sites are now woefully out of date. This dedicated Nessie site has no mention of this week's world-shaking video, for example, and Wikipedia was apparently still doing some careful fact-checking on this latest Nessie report. There was no mention as of this writing.

One other fact about Nessie: She'll continue to be good for the tourist trade around Loch Ness. And this latest video certainly won't hurt.