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Neon Genesis Evangelion brings the apocalypse to Universal Studios

Osaka's Universal Studios Japan will get a new 4D ride based on the iconic anime early next year.

Tatsunoko Production

Japan proves once again that it knows how to sell theme park attractions with the Neon Genesis Evangelion 4D ride at Universal Studios Japan.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion", for those who don't know, is an iconic anime series set in an apocalyptic future (future at the time at least -- 2015). Worth over $1 billion, the franchise is considered ultra influential and has been credited with helping to revitalise the popularity of anime in Japan and around the world.

Japan naturally has a long-standing love of Eva, and as such is planning on launching a new 4D ride to add to Universal Studios Japan's many attractions. In it, you'll be carted around as an Eva robot fights against one of its monstrous enemies, known as an Angel.

While little information has been revealed, what has been announced of the "Evangelion XR Ride" is that it will provide a 360-degree visual experience and runs on a roller coaster-like track. More information will be released in December. The attraction is expected to open from January 13 and run through to June 25, 2017.

And if you want to add even more to the Evangelion experience, should you decide to visit Japan, the 500 TYPE EVA bullet train service will still be in operation. It'll take you to Osaka from Fukuoka Airport and will continue to be active up until Spring of 2018.