Neiman Marcus' $66 collard greens are mocked, but sell out

Fancy department store prices remind the internet that it's not easy eating greens. But never fear, you can still order the baked beans for $80, not including shipping.

Sorry, you'll have to spend your $66 collard-greens budget elsewhere.

Thanksgiving dinner can be an expensive meal, but only on Planet Neiman Marcus can it be this expensive.

With Halloween now squarely behind us, the internet has discovered the Dallas-based retailer's holiday meal offerings. And the prices, especially for simple side dishes, are making online waves that would sink the Mayflower.

It isn't just the full holiday turkey dinner for $495 (£401, AU$646) that left mouths gaping. It's the individual side dishes, made from cheap, everyday ingredients that your grandparents might grow in their garden, but priced like each leaf was hand-molded out of solid gold and rolled in crushed diamonds.

Broccoli cheese casserole for $65 (£52, AU$84). Oma's cheesy potatoes for $76 (£61, AU$99) -- which makes total sense, if your oma is Queen Elizabeth. Baked beans for $80 (£64, AU$104). And the dish that sent social media into overdrive: Collard greens, frozen collard greens, for $66 (£53, $86AU ), plus $15.50 shipping (£12, AU$20).

Twitter users didn't wait long to take a bite at that pricing.

Not only did Twitter users choke on the price, many are upset that Neiman's fancy greens are made not with ham hocks, but with bacon. The general agreement, though, is that no recipe and no ingredient could make a $2 bag of greens worth $66.

For once, in this divisive election year, people seemed to be coming together in complete agreement about something. Or did they?

By Wednesday night, the now-famous greens were sold out. Looks like the folks who have something to give thanks for are Neiman's marketers.