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Neil Young Blu-ray preview video

A promotional video for Neil Young's upcoming Blu-Ray archive has appeared on YouTube.

A quick recap of Neil Young's recent announcement at the Sun JavaOne conference, as reported by CNET's Dan Farber. The long-awaited (by fans) Neil Young Archive project is coming out this year. It'll be on Blu-ray, which is the first digital format to satisfy Mr. Young's needs (with a regular DVD, you couldn't watch high-resolution video and listen to music at the same time). He recommends buying a Sony PS3 as a Blu-ray player because the PS3 has an Internet connection and a fat hard drive, and he wants to update the content over time. And he hates the sound of MP3s. (No surprise from the man who's been speaking out against the CD from the time it was introduced.)

At recent shows, Neil Young's been dusting off "The Sultan" as a final encore, introduced by this gentleman banging a gong.

Now, there's a new promotional video on YouTube, which apparently replaces the old one from his Archives Web site. The compilation looks exhaustive, the optional update feature is shown, and his sense of humor is apparently intact judging from his decision to include the very Spinal Tap video of him singing in a buckskin jacket with sideburns.

Best of all is the backing music: Neil Young's first single, a surf-guitar instrumental called "The Sultan" from his band The Squires.