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Need art-spiration? Amazing digital creations drawn with a stylus

Ten One Design's Pogo Art Contest tasks creatives with drawing original work on an iPad or other iOS device using a stylus -- and demonstrates just how far digital art has come.

The grand prize winner, "Memories." Jaime Sanjuan

There's digital art, and then there's "seriously, you drew that on a tablet?" digital art. The winners of this year's annual Ten One Design Pogo Art Contest definitely fall into the latter category.

Since 2009, the contest from the creator of the Pogo capacitive touch-screen stylus has tasked artists with creating original work drawn on an iPad or other iOS device with a Pogo-branded pen and an app like ArtRage, Inspire Pro, Procreate or SketchBook.

"A Thousand Brushes" took the top prize in the Obviously Abstract category. (Click to enlarge.) Laguerre Marven

This year's grand prize went to Spain-born digital artist Jaime Sanjuan for his mind-bending piece "Memories," with four other winners taking prizes in the categories Current Events; The Way You See It; Wildly Creative; and Obviously Abstract.

Eye-popping mobile art, of course, is becoming increasingly common, with artists as renowned as David Hockney discovering the portability and versatility of mobile canvases and the immediacy of being able to create an image and share it widely with the press of a button.

The diverse submissions to this year's Ten One Design competition -- an impressive array of portraits, landscapes, animations, animals, still lifes and other assorted subjects living and inanimate -- do a great job highlighting just far digital art has come in less than a decade. See more standouts in this Ten One Design gallery. Then get out your mobile device and get to it, iPad Picassos.

"Dog Walking/DogChasing" won in the "Wildly Creative" category. Jason Bickford