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Need a charge? Roll your suitcase

New concept would allow you to charge your gadgets simply by rolling your suitcase. No more fighting for open outlets at the airport!

Yanko Design

We've all been there, right? Your flight's delayed, your entertainment gadget of choice is running low on juice, and all the outlets are taken. So what's a weary, tech-deprived traveler to do? Go drum up some power with your rolling suitcase, of course!

Designer Jung Inyoung has come up with a pretty cool concept of a rolling suitcase that provides power to your devices using kinetic energy.

The hard-shell suitcase consists of several parts. First, there are two gears on the bag's wheels that collect energy as you stroll around the airport; the energy is then stored in a charge battery. At the top of the suitcase is a portable battery (that draws power from the charge battery) where you can plug in your dying smartphone, tablet, or what have you to revive it.

There's also an LED indicator that lets you know how much power is stored in the battery. It's hard to imagine that you could produce enough power to fully charge a device, but when you're facing a wait of an hour or two at the airport, a little can go a long way.

Sadly, there's no word on if or when this product will come to market.

(Via Inhabitant)