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NEC's new eco-based 17-inch display takes us back in time

The NEC AS171 has a traditional 4:3 aspect ratio.

Green skyline? What planet is this again? NEC

It's difficult to get excited about monitors with standard aspect ratios. For the last three years or so, we've been inundated almost exclusively with wide-screen monitors. Nowadays, seeing a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor might give you the feeling that you just stepped through a time portal )a time portal leading back only four or five years, but still).

I guess NEC doesn't mind bucking expectations, as the company just introduced the 17-inch AccuSync AS171, replacing the ASLCD73VX-BK display and fitting in with the rest of the AccuSync line.

According to NEC, the 17-inch AS171 display consumes 21 percent less power than its predecessor. The monitor's two-step ECO ModeT technology allows users to maneuver between two energy-savings modes, and its ergonomic tilt function brings users flexibility and enhanced comfort.

Here's a list of the AS171's other features:

  • 1,280x1,024-pixel native resolution
  • VGA and DVI connectivity
  • 900:1 contrast ratio
  • 5ms fast response time
  • Tilt adjustability
  • Consumes 21 percent less power than its predecessor, according to NEC
  • 50 percent less mercury content than its predecessor, according to NEC
  • Two-step ECO Mode for power consumption savings
  • Carbon footprint meter for tracking of carbon savings

The AS171 will begin shipping this month, with an estimated street price of $159. It ships with a standard three-year parts and labor warranty, including for the backlight.