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NeatReceipts tidies its name, tackles your desk

NeatReceipts reimagines itself as simply The Neat Company, and launches a more broadly focused scanning appliance.

NeatDesk CNET

It's not enough to tame just your receipts; the company formerly known as NeatReceipts is now simply The Neat Company, and goes after your entire desk with its cleverly designed NeatDesk scanner/software combination.

Unlike its compact, mobile NeatReceipts scanner, the new NeatDesk is a top-loading sheet-feed model designed to stay put on your desk. A feeder insert allows you to stash 3 different sized media--8 inches, 3.5 inches, or 2.5 inches wide--in slots for storage until you're ready to process them. Well, as long as you don't have too many; each slot can handle about 10 sheets.

At that point, you press either Scan or PDF to bring them into the bundled NeatWorks software for organizing and processing. Remove the feeder insert and NeatDesk becomes a traditional top-loading scanner with a 50-page document feeder. It can handle duplex scanning as well.

NeatReceipts The Neat Company

Neat has says it has updated NeatWorks for faster operation, streamlined the user interface, and added PDF import and data archiving. You can also get a Microsoft Office-specific version of the product--NeatScan to Office--which adds a toolbar to your applications that bypasses NeatWorks for things like business cards (straight to Outlook) and receipts (straight to Excel) and so on. The company has also redesigned its Windows-compatible NeatReceipts mobile scanner to look like the Mac version released this summer.

I think NeatDesk is a bit pricey at $499; NeatReceipts is $199. Both should be available now.