NBA fan stares at phone, ball strikes her in face

Technically Incorrect: Paying attention to the Kings/Hornets game, rather than your cell phone is always a wise strategy when the ball is big and hurts.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Look, it's coming. 360videos/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Some NBA teams are very adept when it comes to technology.

However, the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban believes that people shouldn't be staring at their phones when they go to a game.

In this, he disagrees with the Sacramento Kings owner, Vivek Ranadive. Ranadive thinks phones are about delivering stats and ordering beer, while your star player in making a layup or, perhaps a mess of things.

I wonder if Ranadive will change his mind after an incident this week at a game between his team and the Charlotte Hornets.

One woman was holding her phone. The woman next to her was staring down at it.

Were they immersed in stats? Were they browsing Facebook? We may never know. What is unquestionable is that a errant pass flew from the court toward them and smacked one of the ladies straight in the face.

She didn't see it coming. Worse, the woman who's holding the phone doesn't seem to realize her companion has been struck. She just keeps staring at the phone.

I take no pleasure in the result and hope the woman wasn't terribly hurt. That's a big ball they play with there.

But it's just one small image of how engrossed we have become in gadgets, to the detriment -- as Cuban says -- of actually being able to simply enjoy a piece of entertainment.

It's almost as if some people go to an NBA game to sniff the atmosphere, nibble the burgers and listen to the crowd, but most of all to, who knows, post pictures to Instagram and do a little online shopping.

It's one thing to attempt to multitask. The trouble is our phones are sucking us so far into themselves that we lose sight of the outside world completely.

And then, ow.