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Eel fights octopus and snorkeler in exciting video smackdown

National Geographic films a moray eel picking a fight with an octopus underwater only to then come after the human next.

Photographers and filmmakers from National Geographic are known for capturing nature in its most candid moments.

Whether taking a closer look at a giant jellyfish off the coast of South Africa or shooting a photo of a walrus catching up on some sleep on a Russian seashore, National Geographic is there.

In a National Geographic video posted Tuesday, snorkelers swimming in Oahu, Hawaii, stumble upon an underwater battle between a moray eel and an octopus.

The eel manages to bite off one of the octopus' tentacles, which isn't too big of a deal since an octopus can easily regrow another without any permanent damage. Despite such tense moments, the lucky octopus swims away after spraying the eel with ink.

But the excitement doesn't end with the sea creatures. The human witness becomes part of the action when the eel notices the camera and doesn't appreciate his defeat being caught on film. Thankfully, the snorkeler is a fast swimmer.