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NASA used your Earth Day selfies to make something incredible

NASA's Earth Day promotion resulted in 36,422 images used to create an amazing mosaic of Planet Earth. You have to see it to believe it.


On Earth Day, NASA asked people "Where are you on Earth right now?" and urged them to take a selfie to go along with their answer. On Thursday (one month to the day after the campaign launched), it unveiled a massive global selfie mosaic of Planet Earth as it would look to Martians, Venetians, and Galifrayans in space.

The 3.2-gigapixel mosaic shows exactly what Planet Earth looked like from Space on Earth Day 2014 using some 36,422 user-submitted selfies.

NASA obtained images from every continent, and a total of 113 countries and regions were represented. The image is zoomable so you can view in its entirety, or you can zoom in to check out all of the individual pictures that went into the mosaic.

It's a thing of wonder, and one you truly have to see to believe. You can view the mosaic in its scalable entirety on Gigapan's site, and you can see a clip featuring some of the submitted selfies below.