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7 Earth-like planets land atop Facebook trends

Social Cues: In space, no one can hear you tweet. Also trending on Twitter is one lucky Powerball winner.


The astronomical discovery with seven Earth-sized planets is the top trending topic on Facebook.

The find captured Twitter frenzy when the news broke Wednesday, and the chatter continues on Facebook Thursday, along with a Google doodle celebrating the star system.

Social Cues is our look at what is trending across Facebook and Twitter. Here is what people are talking about on social media this Thursday:

Trappist-1: If you discover seven Earth-like planets that are potentially our best chance of finding alien life, yes, you will become the top trending topic on social media. Scientists made the announcement Wednesday afternoon about seven planets that orbit a relatively nearby star (just 39 light-years away!) and called Trappist-1 the most incredible star system they've ever seen.

Powerball: Lottery fever is gripping the US again, even though your chances of winning are slimmer than being struck by lightning twice. Powerball is trending on Twitter after one lucky player in Indiana hit the jackpot, winning $435 million. This is the first time the Powerball has climbed above $400 million in three months, and it's the seventh largest jackpot in its history. On Twitter, people are spreading hoax posts -- "retweet this if you want portions of my winnings" -- and sharing their lottery winning daydreams. (Note: If you won and are reading this, let's hang out.)

#TellASadStoryInThreeWords: This hashtag has quietly been building steam for the last week, finally jumping into the top trending topic on Twitter this Thursday. There are up to 16,000 tweets telling woeful tales only using three words. There are plenty of first-world problems here like "Wifi Went Down," Game of Thrones spoilers like "The Red Wedding" and political discourse throughout. Mine is "Galaxy Note 7." (You had so much potential!)

Treasury Sec. Mnuchin: The US treasury secretary is trending on Twitter after his first televised interview on CNBC. He talked about crafting a tax overhaul by August, a stronger US dollar and international trade relations. People on Twitter are reacting to his remarks and how this administration will effect the US economy over the next four years.

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