NASA mohawk heartthrob racks up Twitter marriage proposals

A star was born during the Mars rover landing. One dapper NASA worker with an unusual haircut inadvertently took the Internet by storm.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Bobak Ferdowsi
Mohawk + science = awesome. (Click to enlarge.) @tweetsoutloud

A momentous NASA-related event occurred recently. It caused many people to stop a moment and gaze at NASA photos. It ignited Twitter into a tizzy. I'm not talking about the Mars rover landing, I'm talking about the NASA Mohawk Guy.

Flight director Bobak Ferdowsi, better known as the NASA Mohawk Guy, has caused quite a stir with his unique hairstyle, rugged good looks, and geek credentials. In the process of helping to successfully land the Mars rover, Ferdowsi also landed many hearts.

Declarations of love and Twitter marriage proposals are now coming fast and furious. Twitter user @nicolebrett shared her intentions by tweeting, "New life plan: marry the NASA mohawk guy, take day trip to Mars, play with his hair."

Admirers seem to be swooning just as much over his love of science as over the stars artfully worked into the side of his haircut. Twitterer @LindsayPavlas quickly alerted her followers with, "You guys, there is a guy working at NASA who has a mohawk! PUNK SCIENCE!"

Sure, all this mohawk madness is supremely silly, but it's pretty sweet to see the world getting giddy over a science hunk for a change. Sorry, Justin Bieber, call us back after you've landed an unmanned exploratory vehicle on another planet.

(Via Huffington Post)