Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite for flippin' sweet tots

The stars of the 2004 comedy are back to their old roles, briefly, in a commercial for Burger King's cheese tots. They're freaking starving.

Napoleon Dynamite had many memorable favorite things in the cult 2004 comedy film.

He was a fan of ligers, "like a lion and tiger mixed, bred for its skills in magic." His lips couldn't do without Chapstick, but no way was he going to use one of those sticks the school nurse had in her drawer. He knew "illegal ninja moves from the government."

Oh, and he loved him some tater tots -- so much so that he crammed some in his cargo pants pocket to eat in class. (They met a bad end when sullen classmate Randy kicked them after Napoleon refused to share.)

Now Napoleon is back, and he and pal Pedro are totting it up again. On Tuesday, Burger King released an ad in which Napoleon (actor Jon Heder) and Pedro (actor Efren Ramirez) are sitting in a BK, and Pedro is enjoying a basket of the fast-foodery's newly reintroduced cheesy tots. Of course, Pedro is less greedy than Napoleon when it comes to sharing, and of course, Napoleon just steamrollers right over him to get what he wants.

The ad is just 22 seconds long, but for "Napoleon Dynamite" fans, it's freakin' sweet. It just needs Tina, Napoleon's "fat lard" of a llama, to make it complete.