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We want this robot to play Nintendo games with us, too (Tomorrow Daily 225)

Ashley and Khail wish they each had a robot sidekick to play video games with, hear beautiful music from a transparent, 3D-printed electric violin and explain how MIT is trying to give robots human reflexes.

It's the last day of shows for us this week, which is probably for the best, since we have to start working four more jobs to be able to afford a Nao robot. Why do we want one? Well, because a Japanese university programmed one to play Wii Tennis with humans. So now we have to buy one so it can become our wingman in games like Splatoon and Rocket League.

We're also discussing the 3Dvarius, a beautifully designed, 3D-printed violin with a clear, futuristic body. It's modeled after the legendary Stradivarius line of string instruments, and it plays beautifully. French musician (and 3Dvarius designer) Laurent Bernadac should be proud of his creation, and we're always tickled to see antique items redesigned in a futuristic way.

Giving robots reflexes is a tough order, but MIT's Mechanical Engineering department isn't letting that stop them from trying. They're working with a robot that's controlled by exosuit, meaning the human controlling the robot can correct for any off-balance moments the robot experiences while out in the field. So while it's not perfect, and there's still a major human element to the technology, it's still impressive to see the team try to tackle such an interesting challenge.

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225: We want this robot to play Nintendo games with us, too

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