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Name your price for maker books on Humble Bundle

Pay what you want for various Make publications that show how to make rockets, robots, bicycles and other contraptions while raising money for the Maker Education Initiative.

Pick up Make publications including this one, which shows you how to construct 200 pieces of science equipment.

Ever wanted to conduct your own forensic science experiments or make a modern-day robot? Or maybe you hope to build your very own mad-scientist lab from scratch?

The latest Humble Book Bundle offers DIY books and magazines presented by Maker Media that could put you on your way to creating some impressive DIY projects. Humble Bundle, a digital storefront, lets you name your own price for games and publications, with some proceeds supporting charity.

For this deal, pay what you want for such titles as "Make: Volume 34, Explore the Deep," "Make: Easy 1+2+3 Projects," "Make: Volume 17, Lost Knowledge," "Make: Volume 29, DIY Superhuman/Mod Your Bod," "Make: Like The Pioneers," "Make: Planes Gliders and Paper Rockets" and "Make: Inventing a Better Mousetrap."

If you increase your contribution above the average purchase (currently at $11.26, or about £7, AU$16), you can also pick up "21st Century Robot," "Make: Volume 13, Magic," "Make: Volume 28, Toys and Games," "Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders," "Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments," "Vintage Tomorrows" and "Make: Bicycle Projects."

Pay $15 (about £10 or AU$21) or more and you'll end up with all that plus "Make: The Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory" and "Make: Tinkering, 2nd Edition."

That's a lot of Make publications to get you started building everything from the ultimate paper glider to fun astronomy projects.

All of these maker publications would usually cost up to $198 (which would convert to about £130 or AU$278). The books are available in multiple digital formats.

You get to decide where the money goes -- between the publishers and the Maker Education Initiative via the Tides Foundation. This Humble Book Bundle ends on November 25.