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'MythBusters' host Adam Savage shares views from last day of filming

Adam Savage gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the final days shooting the long-running show "MythBusters" by tweeting photos and videos.

"MythBusters" host Adam Savage tweets his favorite moments from the last days of filming the iconic science TV series.
Adam Savage/Twitter

Few things are harder than saying goodbye to a job you love, especially when that job entails blowing stuff up, crashing cars, jumping out of buildings and playing with sharks in the name of science.

But on Wednesday, Adam Savage began the hard process of saying goodbye to his gig as co-host of "MythBusters" by giving fans a final behind-the-scenes look at the the show on its last day of filming.

Discovery Channel announced last month that its longest-running series will end in January after one final season, leaving many fans shocked and saddened that they'd soon have to bid farewell to Savage and co-host Jamie Hyneman. Neither Discovery Channel nor the show's hosts offered details on why the show is being canceled.

"We have filmed for something close to 2,400 days and this is the last one," Savage said in a video he posted on Twitter on Wednesday.

Savage tweeted personal photos and videos of everything from his office to some of the props on the set.

Below are some of the videos and tweets Savage posted on social media to honor the last day of shooting "MythBusters." I dare you not to shed at least one tear in honor of the show that made science experiments entertaining for over 13 years.

Savage and Hyneman will end the series with some of the biggest myths they've tested, including car stunts, viral videos, rockets and explosions. Fans can submit their farewells using #MythYouGuys on social media.

Fans can also see Savage and Hyneman in person on their 32-city "MythBusters" Farewell Live Tour.