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MythBuster Adam Savage builds 'Star Trek' captain's chair

Watch the co-host of the "Mythbusters" science show make a functional "Star Trek" chair worthy of Captain Kirk, with help from his friend Jeremy Williams.

Captain Adam Savage is ready to boldly go where no one has gone before. Norman Chan

Adam Savage, co-host of the Discovery channel's "MythBusters" science show, never shies away from a challenge. When he acquired a disappointing replica of a "Star Trek" captain's chair, instead of being content with it, the longtime prop maker decided to make a brand-new and better chair.

In the latest video from Tested.com, Savage shows off his impressive captain's chair, and then with help from his friend Jeremy Williams does some electronics magic to wire the chair's lighting system and implement sound effects. After some troubleshooting, the duo add various LED lights, light strips, power sources, speakers and of course, many wires.

"As I was building it, I'd like it to have a feature that no other chair has," Savage said in the video. "So I ended up adding a couple of features like a viewer, which is in 'The Cage,' which is the unaired pilot of 'Star Trek.' [And] I added one other feature so I made a drawer (in the base) for the props."

The handcrafted chair has five interface panels, which include the switch bank of rocker switches, the lights display, five push buttons and the intercom.

The result is the ultimate, one-of-a-kind "Star Trek" captain's chair with details that would impress even Scotty. Check out this photo gallery to see behind-the-scenes shots of the build process.

"This thing is greatest toy ever built," Savage says in the video.