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MythBuster Adam Savage builds moaning Duck Army 'duck bomb'

Adam Savage unleashes the awesome strength of a crying Duck Army through a devilish DIY contraption he calls a duck bomb.

You fall into one of two groups of people. The first read this headline and thought, "Yes! Duck Army!" The second read the headline and thought, "What's a Duck Army?"

Duck Army is a reference to a viral video released on YouTube on August 30 by kevin237 of Norway. It shows him pressing down on a bin full of honking rubber ducks and then releasing to unleash a heart-rending group moan as the ducks all inhale to their noisemakers simultaneously. It's only 9 seconds long and it has over 8.4 million views.

Adam Savage, known for the legend-challenging "MythBusters" TV series, is a big Duck Army fan. He decided to harness the faux-poultry wails with a do-it-yourself "duck bomb" contraption. The bomb consists of a hinged plywood case that holds 10 compacted ducks.

Savage demonstrates the catastrophic power of the duck bomb by pulling away the safety. The case splits open, allowing the ducks to inflate with a collective moan that would shake the resolve and weaken the heart of any enemy. An extra swat at the end encourages them to cry out one more time.

Savage refers to the device as "the ultimate secret weapon." It's not so secret anymore since he shared it with his 1.25 million Twitter followers Monday.

The original Duck Army filmographer had this to say about the video: "I was trying to embarrass my girlfriend, insted [sic] it turned out to be a great video." It also turned out to be one of the most weirdly entertaining viral Internet phenomenons of 2015. Savage's duck-bomb-of-approval just seals its fate as an all-time great.