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MySynths puts Photosynth inside Facebook

Want to share your Photosynth creations with Facebook friends? Now you can with a simple application that inserts them on Facebook pages.

Photos are one of the most used parts of Facebook, yet you'll never find shots that show perspective, or that let you zoom in to see fine details.

That's where SpeakTech has stepped in, with a Facebook application called MySynths. It lets you take any Microsoft Photosynth and share it on Facebook, just as if you were viewing it on the Photosynth site. You and your viewers will, of course, need Microsoft's Silverlight rich-media technology installed, but for them, there is nothing else to install.

MySynths lets your friends know you just published a new synth, and they can view it without any special software, as long as they have Silverlight installed. CNET

Photosynth is Microsoft's 3Dish photo experience that takes several photos and stitches them together into a landscape that can show an extraordinary amount of detail, as users zoom in and out of high-resolution photos. Late last year, Photosynth became a commercialized part of Microsoft Virtual Earth, after originally existing as a technology preview.

In the case of this app, it simply embeds a synth for you, and lets your friends both view it and leave you comments as if it were another first-party piece of content on the site.

One small hurdle to using the app is that you're required to manually dig up all the information about the synth, including source URLs, an image thumbnail, and short and long descriptions. These things cannot be automatically sucked in from the Photosynth site, which means that you need to enter them one by one. Luckily, this takes only about a minute per synth, but if you're a heavy Photosynth user, it can be a real process to insert all your synths.

(via Bing community blog)

Here's what's embedded on the Facebook page: