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Mystery watch auctioned for $566,000

And it won't be delivered until next year.


It never fails. Everytime we vow not to get sucked into another mystery marketing campaign, we end up giving in. We're not sure if it's sheer nosiness or plain stupidity--probably both.

Just as we were drawn against our will to Lenovo's secretive "Reserve Edition" ThinkPad site and B&O's "Serenata" countdown page, we're now hooked on an ultra-exclusive watch appropriately called the "Incognito 2008." Still only a concept that won't be delivered until next year, the watch nevertheless appeared at an auction in Monaco where the bidding started at 100,000 euros and eventually sold for 400,000, or about $566,000, according to BornRich.

What little we do know about the elusive timepiece, which was reportedly purchased by well-known Hong Kong distributer, is that it's made by House of DeWitt, features rare materials with a lithium-aluminum alloy case and is accompanied by its own "flying tourbillon" regulator. Oh, and it's expensive.