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Myst TV series reportedly finds home on Hulu

The island of Myst may soon come to life as a streaming series, hopefully with all of the original game's intrigue and beauty intact.

Myst island
The Myst island may get a new life on Hulu. Cyan Worlds

In late 2014, the groundbreaking, atmospheric puzzle game Myst reappeared like a ghost from the past on the wings of the news that game maker Cyan Worlds planned to partner with filmmaking company Legendary to make a Myst television series. Now, Deadline reports that streaming video service Hulu is picking up the series.

The Myst project has a solid Hollywood pedigree, with producer Matt Tolmach ("The Amazing Spider-Man") and writer Evan Daugherty ("Divergent" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles") on board. The first Myst game arrived on computers way back in 1993, but it has remained a classic thanks to its gorgeous visuals and focus on puzzle-solving rather than fighting.

If you only ever played the original Myst, then you missed out on a massive universe that included sequels such as Riven and a series of novels.

Surreal and stunning landscapes divided into separate realms called "Ages" stand at the heart of Myst. Those Ages are connected by linking books. The original game involved an unnamed stranger landing on a mysterious island. This rich universe could provide endless ideas for a television series to explore.

Myst was one of the first computer games to make an indelible impression on my imagination. Here's hoping the TV series will do justice to the moody feel, sense of majesty and indelible worlds created within Myst, a place where your mind is your sword and your wits are your shield.