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MySQL innovating toward an IPO, BusinessWeek says

MySQL is relentlessly pushing its way toward an IPO, as BusinessWeek reports, which makes the entire open source ecosystem that much more valuable.

It couldn't happen to a better set of people. As BusinessWeek reports, MySQL is well on its way to an IPO. The interesting thing is what it's doing to get there:

...[C]an MySQL keep up the growth without adding hefty sales and marketing costs?and getting squeezed by competitors? The company employs just 30 field sales staff out of a head count of 360 and strives to close deals more quickly than rivals. Most employees work from home. "Managing the cost of sales and marketing in an open-source company is the key to profitability," says Mickos, sitting in a small, spartan office adjacent to a sea of cubes in the company's Silicon Valley digs. "We're not just innovating in software, we're innovating in sales."

Open source, leaving the cave to usher in a new era of efficiency and innovation, as DDave Dargo writes over on Open Sources. This is the power that MySQL and other open source companies bring to the market. It's not about software anymore. It's about service and value.

BusinessWeek reports that MySQL could fetch a valuation of $600 million to $1 billion. If it does, you can bet that the rest of the open source world's valuation will rise in tandem as the world recognizes that with yet another open source jewel to put into the crown, there will be many, many more to come.