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MySQL getting Google's blessing...and code

Google is committing code and resources to MySQL. Should Oracle be worried?

Google sometimes wears its source code on its sleeve (Summer of Code), and sometimes it doesn't, as when it was reported today that Google will be contributing significant source code to MySQL. Given how innovative and engineering-oriented Google is, it's hard to imagine a better vote of confidence in MySQL and a better code partner for MySQL.

Or a bigger reason for Oracle to worry about MySQL.

Earlier this year Google signed a Contributor License Agreement, which provides the legal framework under which MySQL can include code from another company in its database, MySQL co-founder and Vice President David Axmark said on Tuesday....

The search company has done a lot of work customizing MySQL to meet its special needs, which include better database replication, and tools to monitor a high volume of database instances, Axmark said in an interview at MySQL's user conference in Paris.

Google isn't just throwing code over the wall, either. According to the article, it has a dedicated engineer working with MySQL's team on a tight basis, attending internal MySQL developer meetings.

MySQL, for its part, has a lot of work to do to digest the Google contributions (figuring out what is relevant, how to incorporate it, etc.). So while Google's contribution is almost certainly a huge boon to MySQL, there's a great deal of work to be done on both sides to realize its value.

Again, what a great testament to MySQL's quality, longevity, and prospects. Oracle may pooh-pooh open-source databases, but with Google's blessing, MySQL is looking like a very safe bet. Oracle's users think so, too.

Via Slashdot.