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MySpace's first foray into Facebook Connect

MySpace's "Fan Video" page is the first implementation of the long-rumored Facebook Connect adoption on the site.

Update: We're now hearing that Fan Video might not actually be the start of a massive Facebook Connect implementation on MySpace, but rather a one-off marketing activity for MySpace Music. We will have to keep an eye on how this develops.

MySpace's new Fan Video page allows users to login with either Facebook or MySpaceID. Screenshot by Harrison Hoffman/CNET

MySpace's rumored adoption of Facebook Connect may be coming to fruition with the first implementation, called "Fan Video" being launched.

Once logged into Facebook on the Fan Video page, the app allows you to mashup a selection of eight music videos that prominently feature your Facebook profile picture. Once you make your mashup, you can either share it with your friends on Facebook or select one of your friends to be featured in the videos and share it with them.

While this is hardly an impressive or meaningful implementation of Facebook Connect, this is hard evidence that MySpace is committed to using the technology on its site. As expected and reported in December, the first implementations of Connect on MySpace are leveraging MySpace's media content. Facebook Connect implementations have been shown to dramatically increase page views on sites with potentially viral content, so MySpace's media content, including MySpace Music is a perfect candidate for this. The extent of MySpace's Facebook Connect implementation should be interesting to watch as it rolls out over the course of the year.

Via Inside Facebook.

My profile picture is integrated into Alicia Keys' Distance and Time music video. Screenshot by Harrison Hoffman/CNET