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MySpace to address Net safety at press conference

News Corp.-owned social-networking site hasn't given any indication as to what will be specifically said, but its chief security officer will be on hand.

This story has been updated to confirm the content of the press conference.

MySpace.com has informed media that it will be making a "major announcement in regards to Internet safety" on Monday morning at a midtown New York hotel.

No other information was immediately provided except that MySpace's chief security officer, Hemanshu Nigam, will be on hand, along with other representatives from the News Corp.-owned social-networking site.

Somewhat surprisingly, MySpace representatives have confirmed to CNET News.com that the content of the press conference does not deal with anything involving the situation surrounding the death of 13-year-old Megan Meier. Last week, MySpace was reportedly issued a subpoena in the investigation. Meier hanged herself in 2006. She had been repeatedly harassed by a "boyfriend" on MySpace, whose profile turned out to be a fake persona created by an adult neighbor whose daughter had once been a friend of Meier.

The Associated Press, meanwhile, has reported that MySpace's announcement relates to an agreement with 45 state attorneys general related to combating the presence of sexual predators on social-networking sites. MySpace has been working with state attorneys general since at least last year on the issue. According to the AP article, MySpace will be working to develop "age-verification and other technologies."

MySpace has, for the record, not commented on the subpoena issued in the Meier investigation.