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MySpace plays advertising matchmaker takes personal profile-advertising matchmaking program for a walk.

So your profile says you got a dog named Fido.

Next thing you know, here come the doggie ads--Bones for Bowser, Flea dip designed for Flopper, and the Ultimate Pooper-Scooper.

Executives at Fox Interactive Media, which oversee MySpace for owner News Corp., apparently are hot to trot on this trail and will be on the talk tour this week to discuss the results of their personal profile-advertising matching program, according to a report in The New York Times.

So, what this means for you and Fido is you'll have another name of a flea dip vendor for when the next infestation occurs. And, while you may not need that name now, if the ad is memorable enough, the name of the advertiser will be logged into the recesses of your memory bank.

Better yet, how about a blank grocery list on your profile page and scrawl in the items as you need them?

Let MySpace do the work and dish up ads to fit those needs. Fido, fetch boy, fetch.