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Myfotowall turns your photos into wallpaper

A British company will enlarge any photo 16 times and turn it into wallpaper.

It might be a bit off-putting if you do this with photos of people, but still-life images or travel photos? Fantastic.

Myfotowall takes any of your own photographs and turns them into wallpaper. The company, based in West Yorkshire, England, says it can take any image and blow it up 16 times larger than the original without compromising the quality.

Photos as wallpaper by Myfotowall. Myfotowall

Myfotowall uses inkjet printing technology to put your chosen image onto paper-backed vinyl. The company charges 45 pounds Sterling per square meter, or about $90 per 10 square feet. You get to hang the paper yourself with spatula and glue after they print it.

The photos will stay bright for three years, but after that, there's no guarantee against fading, Myfotowall says.

Bummer if the idea of redoing your wallpaper every third year doesn't send you leaping for joy.

(Via Red Ferret via Oh Gizmo)