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My BlackBerry Curve Arrives!

After a long wait for CrackBerry addicts, the 8300 is now available.

BlackBerry 8300, aka Curve
BlackBerry 8300, aka Curve
RIM, Inc.

The long-awaited BlackBerry 8300 (the Curve) has arrived at your AT&T store. I'll be carrying it around the next few days, and that should be interesting.

I've been a BlackBerry fan since the original RIM 850. It seems like every generation gets better, lighter--and smaller. Sounds perfect, unless your thumbs are average size or above. For comfort, I've steered people toward the 7290. When the 8703e came out, some stayed with the 7290 because it was easier to type. With the 8800, it became an even more serious challenge. The Curve has slightly better keys than the 8800 (a tiny space between letters), but my concentration these next days will be on usability.

It goes without saying push e-mail is the best, and there are tons of features to look into. We'll get into them next blog entry.