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My 2:42 playlist

At least two people have separately come to the conclusion that 2:42 is the perfect length for a song.

I like long songs, but As Eliot Van Buskirk over on Listening Post reports, at least two separate writers have come to the conclusion that the perfect song is short. Two minutes and 42 seconds, to be exact--the length of "There She Goes" by The La's.

Personally, I think "La La Love You" by the Pixies (2:43) is closer to the ideal song, but my own collection does reveal a remarkable number of good songs at 2:42. Without further ado, my 2:42 Muxtape.

The Beatles--"Back in the U.S.S.R.", The White Album
Animal Collective--"Leaf House", Sung Tongs
Pavement--"Gold Soundz", Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
Jack Logan--"Just Go Away", Bulk
Frank Black--"Big Red", Teenager of the Year
Magnetic Fields--"A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off", 69 Love Songs
Neko Case--"Fox Confessor Brings the Flood", Fox Confessor...
Johnny Cash--"Folsom Prison Blues", Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison
X--"Motel Room In My Bed", Beyond & Back
The Pretenders--"Stop Your Sobbing", The Pretenders
Otis Redding--"Ole Man Trouble", The Best Of Otis Redding
Elmer Bernstein--"The Street (Main Theme)", Crime Jazz: Music in the First Degree

(Note: some of these songs were recorded from an LP, so while their "official" length on the CD may not be 2:42, and they may not have registered as 2:42 on Muxtape, they all showed up as 2:42 in my library.)

My Zune library has 23 songs clocking in at 2:42. Screenshot