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MWg plans UMPCs, smartphones for Asia

First products in awhile from the former O2 Asia.

It looks like a new ultra-mobile PC brand will soon be coming to Asia. When CNET Asia spoke to Singapore-headquartered MWg (formerly O2 Asia) during the Atom V launch in the island state yesterday, Vice President Sanjay Sabnini revealed in an aside to us that the company plans to bring in more "IT-connected devices" before the end of this year. Three to six products are expected to be unveiled, among them PDA-phones, smart phones and, yes, UMPCs.

Crave Asia

It's been awhile since we've seen a new smartphone coming out of O2, so it'll be interesting to see how MWg plans to position its upcoming product(s).

What caught our attention, however, was news that MWg may be bringing its new UMPCs to Asia, competing with the likes of GigaByte, Everun, and Fujitsu in the UMPC space. MWg currently sells its UBiQUiO 711 UMPC (as shown on the left) in the U.S. and Europe exclusively with online vendor eXpansys.

Sanjay added that the company will be aiming to incorporate wireless charging in its devices launched in the second half of this year, as earlier reported by Crave. MWg in January signed an agreement with U.K.-based Splashpower to incorporate inductive charging technology into the former's upcoming products. Inductive charging involves wirelessly charging a handset's electrical batteries using electromagnetic induction.

(Source: Crave Asia)