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Murderer's Facebook page boasts bong pics from prison

A convicted murderer in a medium-security prison posts Facebook pictures of himself, taken on a BlackBerry, with a knife, a bong, and even of his daughter shooting guns.

Technology is all-pervasive.

Wherever you look, someone has their nose in their smartphone, searching for something to love, someone to love, or someone to love them. This seems to be the case even in prison.

Fox 23 of Oklahoma recently happened upon the progressive use of technology enjoyed by Justin Walker. Walker is a convicted murderer. And, for some time, he enjoyed the medium-security luxury of Granite City prison.

However, the Granite City facility appears to be not as secure as one might expect, as Walker was able to upload images of the entertainment available on the inside to his Facebook page.

The page for Jus N Walk, as he apparently prefers to be known, is listed as "Currently Unavailable" on Facebook. However, Fox 23 reported that some of the images on it made for an interesting perspective on the meaning of the word "security."

Walker seemed to have a bong in his cell, one that he enjoyed together with what appeared to be a very healthy stash of marijuana. He also appeared to enjoy a swig (or many) of his favorite alcohol.

Then there was the picture of him in his cell clutching a knife. And, well, licking it.

How is it that Walker seemed to have such free rein in order to send news of his free rein in jail? Well, the Facebook page reportedly offered a clue. For, as well as a picture of his daughter shooting guns, there was a picture of Walker in his cell with his BlackBerry. You might be wondering whether it is entirely legal for an inmate, nay, a convicted murderer, to possess a BlackBerry while he is repaying his debt to society. The answer is no. It is, indeed, a felony, which is why he has reportedly since been moved to a cell-free cell, having been placed under administrative segregation in the higher-level security H-Unit at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, Okla.

Naturally, there will be those who whose teeth will gnash, Rottweiler-like, at such an apparent lack of the most basic security in this medium-security facility.

Some, though, might wonder that even those in jail are desperate to possess the trappings of a connected life: a Blackberry, a Facebook account and, oh, yes, a bong.