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Adorable dog dressed as an Ewok would melt Darth Vader's heart

Yub nub! Let Internet star Munchkin brighten your day as she dresses in an Ewok costume and waddles through the grass with her walking stick to a "Star Wars" soundtrack.

Munchkin the teddy bear Ewok can guard our Rebel Base any time. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Munchkin may have been born a Shih Tzu dog, but dressed in an adorable "Star Wars" costume, she looks more like a teddy bear crossed with an Ewok.

She's so cute you almost forget the original Ewoks ate people. Hey, Han Solo wasn't tied up and hung over that fire to keep warm...he was dinner.

Munchkin has been labelled an Internet star since her teddy bear cosplay debut on Halloween of 2014, but she continues to entertain legions of fans with her regularly posted videos.

In this most recent offering, posted Friday, we see Munchkin dressed like an Ewok and running through a grassy backyard to the "Star Wars" theme song.

Past videos show Munchkin dressed in her typical teddy bear costume sightseeing around New York City, taking a stroll on the beach, exercising on a treadmill and playing football.

This is the first time Munchkin the teddy bear has shown off her love for "Star Wars" while dressed as an Ewok, but our fingers are crossed she'll be having more adventures not only looking like an Ewok but perhaps a Wookiee in future videos. Hint hint.

Munchkin can be found having fun on Facebook and Instagram as well.