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MTV sends more shows to iTunes

But at the same time, the TV network runs its own fledgling competitor to Apple Computer's online media store.

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.

MTV Networks might be backing a musical rival to iTunes, but that's not stopping it from expanding its offerings of TV shows on Apple Computer's online store.

The iTunes store's TV show lineup just got a whole lot more colorful, with the addition of "Viva la Bam," "Disorderly Conduct," "Sit-Down Comedy with David Steinberg" and several others from MTV. A subsidiary of media conglomerate Viacom, MTV encompasses Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, The N, Spike TV, VH-1 and, of course, MTV and its various offspring.

The new programming is now available at on iTunes for the regular price of $1.99 per episode, the companies announced Thursday.

Meanwhile, MTV also has a large stake in one of iTunes' newest competitors, , a paid-subscription music and video download service. Last month, the network announced a partnership with Microsoft that would link Urge's content to Windows Media Player 11 as part of the software giant's attempt to attract a bigger base of the young music enthusiasts who have thus far been loyal to iTunes.

Urge's video programming is limited to online-only streaming content from MTV, VH1 and Country Music Television; while songs can be downloaded individually for 99 cents apiece (the same price iTunes charges), video is available only through a monthly subscription.

On the "Gear" section of its Web site, Urge recommends using several rivals to the iPod--the iRiver Clix, and .

Nevertheless, MTV's programming has fared well with iTunes downloaders; Comedy Central's "South Park" is one of the Music Store's most popular titles, with more than 1 million episodes purchased.


Correction: This story incorrectly conveyed MTV Networks' online TV offerings. MTV Networks' programming on the Urge service is online-only content.