MTV bets on a 'Jackass' move to the Web

Johnny Knoxville talks about his recent groin injury and his new MTV-backed Web site, Jackassworld.com.

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Greg Sandoval
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A still intact Johnny Knoxville recoups. Naomi Nelson

The more dangerous--and pointless--the dare, the happier Johnny Knoxville is. Whether it's being gored by a bull or electrocuted by a taser, or starring in a remake of the Dukes of Hazzard, Knoxville is game.

Now the actor, comedian, and co-creator of the Jackass movies, known for wince-inducing stunts, will try his luck on the Web.

To promote the official launch of Jackassworld.com, the Internet site jointly run by Knoxville and MTV, the cable network is allowing Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, and the rest of the Jackass crew to take over programming for an entire day, starting Saturday.

The Web site, which will feature the same bet-you-wouldn't-do-this spectacles as the movies, is an example of how MTV is banking on dozens of Web sites that target a separate demographic group or fan base for each of its shows. The idea is to make it easier for people to find and interact with shows and their casts.

Knoxville, who suffered a groin injury while filming a tribute to the late Evel Knievel for the February 23 MTV show, spoke with CNET News.com on Thursday.

Tell us about your injury. How did it happen?
We were doing a tribute to Evel Knievel for our takeover (of MTV) this Saturday. During the filming, I decided I could back-flip a motorcycle. They had to let out the clutch for me. No one thought I could even make it to the ramp. I didn't the first time but I did it four other times.

The last time I hit the ramp and let go of the bike and it goes 15 to 20 feet above my head and comes down when I was laying spread eagle and it breaks the handle bar off between my legs.

It hit me right on the rim and tore my urethra. No long-term damage, though.

You going to be OK?
The prognosis is great. I'm a man again.

Why not just keep doing the movies? Why move to the Web?

On Jackassworld.com, it's like an R-rated film. You can show whatever you want and it's immediate. When you're filming a TV show it takes a couple of weeks to get to air, and a movie takes months to get to air. I can film a bit last night and it can be up today. That's pretty great because we're all hot to film again.

But is the Internet ready for you guys on a regular basis? Is Viacom (MTV's parent company) ready for you?
Viacom left us alone. They've been very supportive in all this. It's fun, man, having this outlet, you don't have to wait for months to have something come out. You can just shoot it and get it up and be on to something else...like productivity in the a**hole department is going to be up 73 percent, you know what I mean?