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mSpot revises price plan

The cloud-based service, which lets you stream music to your Android phone, now charges $3.99 a month for up to 40GB of storage and adds voice recognition.

mSpot, a cloud-based service that stores your music and lets you stream it to your Android phone, announced new pricing and features today.

mSpot logo

The company will continue to offer music fans 2GB of free storage. But instead selling various paid tiers that topped out at 100GB for $13.99 a month, the company now has just one paid plan: up to 40GB of storage for $3.99 a month.

This makes mSpot more competitive on a price-to-storage basis with its main rival, MP3tunes However, MP3tunes offers far greater capacity, with multiple plans topping out at 200GB for $12.95 per month.

mSpot has also improved its Android software, adding voice recognition via Google Voice, the ability to stream songs without caching them locally, and support for sideloading your music collection directly from your computer to your phone. mSpot's music service works only with Android phones. But it has a streaming movie service that works with the iPhone, iPad, and about 50 handsets, so moving its music service to other platforms seems like a no-brainer.

(For more details on mSpot vs. MP3tunes, watch CNET TV's head-to-head review on Prizefight.