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MSN Spaces struggles on launch

First days of MSN's upgraded Spaces blogging and social-networking service have been beset by problems.

The upgrade to Microsoft's Windows Live Spaces blogging and social-networking service has been a study in what can go wrong with a launch.

According to the official Spaces blog, the first 12 hours after the launch were beset by poor performance problems, including issues related to e-mail publishing, statistics pages not working and emoticons from previous Spaces versions not working.

"We know we disappointed a bunch of you with the issues we had in our rollout last night," wrote "Greg" on the official Spaces blog Tuesday. "We planned long and hard for this release and unfortunately, it was one of those gotchas that only showed up once we were in production."

The blog entry went on to assure Spaces users that its team was on top of the problems and that feedback was invited.