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MSN executive departs for online ad agency

Corporate VP Joanne Bradford, who has run MSN's ad business for years, leaves for LA-based Spot Runner.


Joanne Bradford, who has headed the advertising sales efforts around MSN, is leaving the software maker to head to Los Angeles-based ad agency Spot Runner, where she will be executive vice president.

Bradford, who has been at Microsoft for six and a half years, was the company's public face last May at its annual Strategic Account Summit, where Microsoft met with MSN's largest advertisers.

"We wish Joanne Bradford all the best as she moves to Spot Runner," Microsoft Senior Vice President Satya Nadella said in a statement. "We thank her for her many contributions in helping us build a world-class advertising sales organization, bringing the advertiser point of view closer to Microsoft and evolving the MSN experience through partnerships and branded entertainment."

Paid Content has an internal Microsoft memo with more thank-yous. In the memo, Nadella notes that Greg Nelson will lead MSN in the interim, with Microsoft planning down the road to fold MSN's management further in with the rest of its online efforts.