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Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF detector for hunting hauntings

The Mr. Ghost EMF detector for the iPhone may be the perfect sidekick for ghost hunters, but it looks like fun for believers and non-believers alike.

Mr. Ghost
Maybe your appliances are haunted.
Aaron Rasmussen

There's a vehicle I often see in my neighborhood with "TAPS" written on it. That stands for "The Albuquerque Paranormal Society." TAPS is known around the area for ghost hunts and tracking paranormal activity, like a homegrown, less governmental version of "The X-Files."

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it takes a lot of equipment to look for them. Rather than invest in a ton of gear like an electric charge detector, full-spectrum camcorder, night vision goggles, and an EVP mic, you can get started with ghost hunting for a $20 Mr. Ghost pledge on Kickstarter.

The Mr. Ghost EMF detector consists of an app and an antenna that plugs into the headphone jack on your iPhone. Mr. Ghost's maker suggest using it to check out electromagnetic radiation coming from appliances, your car, or whatever is under your bed. This should help you keep track of the monsters that appear under there when the lights go out.

Mr. Ghost has already handily topped its $7,000 Kickstarter funding goal. I'm wondering how many of the 431 backers are planning to use Mr. Ghost to attempt some ghost hunting.

Mr. Ghost's creator Aaron Rasmussen takes a pretty tongue-in-cheek approach to the otherworldly possibilities for his device. Whether you want to see what your microwave is up to, or check if Casper really is hanging out in your basement, Mr. Ghost could be your man.