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MPAA's CEO plans to leave in 2010

A few days after CNET reports that Dan Glickman may not make it to the end of his contract, the CEO says he will leave next September, when the agreement ends.

Dan Glickman, chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, says he plans to leave the organization in September when his contract runs out.

On Monday, the blog Politico reported Glickman's departure plans, quoting him saying: "My guess is that I'll end up in the nonprofit or academic world. People who know me know I've had these great extracurricular interests that have been very significant in driving me."

On Friday, I cited an industry source who said that Glickman wouldn't last until the end of his contract. Apparently, the studios will let him stick around until then, but it's unlikely that many would have asked Glickman to stay beyond that, my sources said.

Politico's story on Monday cited problems with Glickman's lobbying efforts in Congress. My sources said there were plenty of people who were dissatisfied with the MPAA's antipiracy efforts.

On Friday, I wrote that the MPAA canned three of Glickman's top antipiracy chiefs and also changed the name of the unit from "antipiracy" to "content protection" as part of a major overhaul.

The content protection group is also being combined with the MPAA's legal department.