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MP3 watches near disposable prices

Chinavasion comes out with 1GB model for $27.


With so many companies now making MP3 watches--diverse brands ranging from Hyundai to Skullcandy--it was inevitable that some manufacturers would break out for the low end of the market, just as they are with handheld players. And no one will be shocked to find that companies from China are among them.

Chinavasion, which has already been making video watches for as low as $56, has come out with a new MP3 wristwatch with 1GB of built-in memory for $27 (even less in bulk purchases) in a variety of colors, as seen on 7Gadgets. But even at these prices, we're still going to wait--at this rate, we might see a cheaper one on sale next to the disposable razors in the checkout line at Safeway.