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MP3 players for the jet set

Philips glossy GoGear MP3 players have a sophisticated look and touch pad control.

Philips' GoGear

iPods are nice, but if you can afford your own tux and you travel in your own chauffeur-driven Bentley, then you need an MP3 player as sleek-looking as this one, showing at CES 2007.

The three models in the Philips GoGear series are thin, but otherwise standard-featured Flash players. Dressed up in high-gloss black polycarbonate with silver, cigarette case-like contours, they could make Britney Spears look like royalty. Almost.

Each PlaysForSure-compatible GoGear model--the 1GB SA5115 ($99.99), the 2GB SA5125 ($109.99), and the 4GB SA5145 ($139.99)--has a 1.8-inch color LCD screen; red-backlit, touch-sensitive controls; Philips' SuperScroll navigation; and an FM radio, and is due to be available this spring. Each provides 18 hours of music playback or 2 hours of video viewing on a single charge of its rechargeable battery. As many PlaysForSure players do, the GoGears handle MP3 and WMV files, but not AAC. Hoi polloi iTunes users will have to stick with their plebian iPods.