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MP3 memory foam mask shuts out the world

How to relax and look silly at your desk.


Imagine coming back from two weeks in Maui with a perfect tan, thanks to the "PODillow." The healing effects of your vacation in nirvana are rapidly fading away, and you'll do anything to salvage even a shred of that tropical antidote.

Enter the "Memory Foam MP3 Blackout Shades" from Smarthome. It won't retain that George Hamilton glow (which will please your dermatologist), but Red Ferret says you can still be "blissfully submerged" in a blend of music and soothing darkness while your MP3 player is plugged into its built-in speakers. That may be so, but we think you could save $25 and get the same effect with your iPod earbuds and a blindfold. It does have that memory foam to mold around the contours of your face, however, so you'll know if someone is sneaking a moment of bliss with your shades when you're not around.