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MP3 cross for the true believer

For sale in bulk from China.


Ever since we first saw the "iBelieve" concept two years ago, we've wondered when and if religious icons would find mass (lowercase) appeal in the tech marketplace. Other than the "Saint USB" and other occasional items, the product that seemed to have the most potential was the musical cross--but we never would have guessed that a Chinese wholesaler would take the idea and run with it full-bore.

Chinavasion, maker of such diverse items as video watches and mouse phones, has done just that with its "Cross MP3 Player," which GeekAlerts says comes in memory sizes of 1GB, 2GB and 4GB from $22.47 to $48.14. Aside from its fashion or ecumenical statement, the player has a two-color LCD screen, built-in speaker, microphone and FM radio.

The price already seems fairly reasonable but, if you're on a mission, Chinavasion says the costs will be even lower if you buy them in bulk.