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Mozilla gives add-on developers a tip jar

Creators of add-ons for Firefox now have a way to get paid for their work--at least through Mozilla's add-ons site.

Mozilla has introduced a new pilot program for Firefox developers to make a little money off add-ons they've created. Developers now have the option to place a "contribution" button on their add-on page, which lets users donate any amount they wish via PayPal.

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Contributions are optional, meaning users can continue to download and use add-ons without having to pay anything. Mozilla is also letting developers pick their own suggested price, although users can choose to pay whatever they wish.

For the pilot program, add-on creators get the entire amount of the contribution, minus PayPal's transaction fee. However, in the future that could change with Mozilla taking a small cut. Mozilla is also encouraging developers to set up special PayPal accounts for contributions under $12, since PayPal's fees are less if set up for micropayments.

Mozilla is running the pilot with a limited number of developers, and will likely open it up to all if it's a success. It's definitely a smart way to attract add-on developers to host their creations on Mozilla's site, since there's now a simpler way for them to get paid. However, it will be interesting to see if users are willing to part with their money when they don't really have to.

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Update: Here's an example of what it looks like live as seen on the Download Statusbar extension: