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Moxi cuts price on its DVR, adds step-up model with a triple tuner

Moxi lowers the price of its CableCard HD DVR and introduces a new model that can record three shows simultaneously.

Moxi HD DVR and Moxi Mate
The Moxi HD DVR (left) and the Moxi Mate extender.

When we last heard from upstart DVR maker Digeo, the company had been bought out by networking and communications company Arris. Thankfully for owners of Digeo's Moxi DVR, though, it appears that the company's new corporate godfather is doubling down on the video recorder product line: It's debuting an updated version of its DVR with a triple tuner and initiating a round of price cuts on existing model (and related bundles).

The full details:

  • Moxi HD DVR with triple tuner: A new version of the Moxi DVR will enable recording of three simultaneous HD programs (while playing back a fourth recorded program). It's available in two bundles: a two-room bundle (with one Moxi Mate extender) for $799, or a three-room bundle (with two Moxi Mates) for $999.
  • Price drop on the dual-tuner Moxi HD DVR: Formerly $799, the current dual-tuner version of the Moxi HD DVR will now be $499. That makes it very competitive with the TiVo HD XL, which has a sticker price of $599 and--unlike the Moxi--requires an additional monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription fee.
  • Moxi Mate price drop and live TV streaming: Currently, the Moxi Mate only allows you to stream programs recorded on the main Moxi DVR into another room of your home. After a software upgrade that's due later this year, the Moxi Mate will also support streaming live TV from the main Moxi as well. (The caveat: the Mate will need to tap a "free" tuner on the main DVR, so you may need to kill a recording in process if you want to channel surf.) Standalone Moxi Mates drop to $299 from $399.

So, what do you think: Does the price drop on the Moxi make it a more attractive TiVo competitor? Do you have any interest in the multiroom features? Share your thoughts below.