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Mouse puts security at your fingertips

Built-in biometric reader

As fellow Craver Erica Ogg once noted delicately, leaving one's laptop unsupervised even for a necessary minute or two can be an exercise in anxiety. Yet we all must do it--at least a few times a day, depending on the number of lattes--and in the occasional rush we sometimes leave the most sensitive material on our screens.

Iogear has figured this out and come up with a way to secure a computer easily with its "Personal Security Mouse." It comes equipped with a fingerprint authenticator that obviates the need for passwords, according to Gizmodiva.

There are plenty of other biometric security devices, of course, but what we like about this one is its convenient placement on the mouse itself--which would make us far less inclined to forget to use it. Besides, another Craving colleague, Jasmine France, already favors Iogear's mini-mouse, so the company is one step ahead of the game as far as we're concerned.